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Shameless Maya’s Shameless Challenge: Is It Do-Able?

Shame: The fear that others will judge us unworthy of truly connecting with them.

It holds us back every day from taking risks, of discovering and embracing our passions. What if I look like a weirdo? What if no one talks to me any more? What if everyone starts looking at me like, “Oh – you’re that guy.“?

The thing, as a lady who goes by “Shameless Maya” discovered over the course of a year of social media experimentation, is that most of what we’re afraid of isn’t real. She started the Shameless Challenge in the name of becoming as confident in herself as those around her, then challenged others to follow in her footsteps.

And as someone who’s let shame hold himself back more often than he can count, I’m finding the Shameless Challenge rather tempting. But what’s really involved?

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