Halo: The Kilo-Five Trilogy

By most accounts, Staffan Sentzke is at least slightly unhinged. A member of an independent government of a distant colony planet, he, like most of his associates, fears that Earth …

Ogre, Revisited

I tackle the voices of European officers and fighting men – and that of an American cybernetic tank – in my reading of the military science fiction vignette “Ogre” by Steve Jackson.

I’m Hosting Tropicon!

After campaigning for the last couple of years for national pop culture convention Supanova to set a tropical version up in Cairns – and given that Cairns is a tourist …

The Offside Rule

Here’s the epilogue to the Slamdance sequence I just completed! Now the only question is: What do I do next? I’d say stop worrying and let my instincts guide me …

Running Causes Accidents

Another visit to Sevastopol Station, setting of Alien: Isolation! I decided to go with a Survivor theme rather than an actual level.