Smoking Kills

Ever notice how half the cast in Alien (and Aliens, for that matter) smoke like chimneys? I know it wasn’t a big deal when the movies were made, but I couldn’t …

Such Fragile Friendships

Because haven’t we all felt like that about our friends sometimes? Oh, and if you don’t know who Trevor Slattery is, go watch Iron Man 3. Right now. You’re welcome.

Grab The Dogs And Run

And that’s the third in the trilogy posted and done! Will there be a later resurrection? Who knows…

Can’t Get The Couch Upstairs

Yes, I’m looking forward to playing Alien: Isolation. Vickie isn’t looking forward to me playing it, though. I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned this, but she absolutely loathes the Alien. And, yes, …

Afraid Of Needles

I did have another strip where I was going to introduce Jeremy, but this one just fell out of the end of my pencil first!