Paid to Play Episode 17: Carol Tice, Freelance Writer and Career Coach

After having authors and bloggers on the podcast, it’s fun to have someone who’s not only a full-time freelance writer on the show, but also someone who’s dedicated to helping others achieve similar goals – so much so that she not only blogs about making it as a freelance writer, she also runs a paid-membership web site that offers courses and tips on every aspect of the business of freelance writing.

Work-wise, Carol Tice done it all; she worked at a newspaper and as a movie script transcriber before going freelance and managed to blow away her own expectations of success when she started the Freelance Writers Den. On top of all that, she’s a wife and mother of three! Talk about doing it all…

Please listen to this interview, wherein I completely miss the opportunity to quiz Carol about her early work as a song writer (Brill Building Fail!) but find out plenty about what it takes to make it in freelancing.

Are you curious?

How have you gone about selling your writing or creative work?

How do you schedule your work? What’s your always-off time?

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  • While I do feel old next to so many bloggers I know, I don’t date back to Brill Building days!

    But I did play the Whisky, in L.A., in the ’80s.

    Only really fun story I’ve got about my songwriting years: At one point I was cutting a demo tape (it was an actual physical tape back then, too), when one of the studio’s regular producers checked me out. He thought I should drop out of college and be produced by him. I thought he was a little creepy.

    And what I think now is I’m not 100% certain, but I believe he was Tommy Mottola…who knows what would have happened to my whole life if I’d said yes! But I think things worked out the way they were supposed to. 😉

    • 😀 Mum was a big Neil Diamond fan – the Brill Building was the only song-writing reference I could think of!

      The Whisky? As in, The Whisky a Go Go? Wow! That’s fantastic! Okay, I gotta ask: What’s your instrument of choice? Preferred kinda music? 🙂