Paid to Play Episode 11: Gavin Lucan, SFtv Scheduler and Blogger

Don’t let the picture of the medieval gent with the sword fool you; Gavin Lucan is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. I’ve known him since the late nineties, and was frankly a little envious when I found out he’d parlayed his experience in scheduling pay TV channels into a gig at Australia’s branch of the SciFi Channel.

Shortly afterward, I signed up for an e-mail newsletter in which Gav offers wry observations on the week’s events in genre fiction, from books to comics, movies to television, games to conventions, and now SFtv feature that newsletter as a weekly blog on their website!

Given that he’s a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy, my friend Gav is definitely getting paid to play. Join me as I find out how he got there!

Are You Curious?

Which skills or jobs that don’t directly relate to your passion have led you to getting paid to play?

What’s your favourite genre TV show? Your favourite non-cancelled one?

Show Notes

Gavin’s author profile on the Website – Channel 125 on Foxtel

Gavin on Twitter

Shows and Movies:

Just Because:

Radio Birdman

Image provided by Gavin Lucan; photography by You Studios.