Paid to Play Episode 3: Mal and Amy, KerSplatt! Comics & Collectables

UPDATE 13 July 2012:  Sincere apologies to everyone who tried to get at the podcast: I managed to completely stuff the file name and location up! Huge thanks to Mal himself for pointing the error out! You should be good to go now!

I bring you two interviews for the price of one download; a great pair of interviews with Malcolm Semmens and Amy Milligan, owner-operators of KerSplatt! Comics and Collectables, Cairns’ only dedicated comic book store and fast becoming a second home for the geek population of Cairns!

Amy Milligan and Mal Semmens.

I ask Mal and Amy just how much work they’ve done to turn a random idea into an operating business, how they balance selling their hobby and indulging in it – and in what new ways opening and managing a shop can actually be fun!

Are you curious?

If you were to open a store based around your hobby or passion, what would you sell?

Show Notes