What I Want From My PC

After yesterday’s whinge-athon about my PC woes, I told myself “harden up, Princess” and decided to start the search for better more appropriately. Here’s what I want to do on my computer and which OSes I’m using to do these things with right now:

  • Write. (Linux Mint)
    • Articles.
    • Short stories.
    • Novels.
    • Web log posts.
  • Call folks via Skype. (WinXP)
  • Browse the web. (Linux Mint)
  • Back my Motorola RAZRv9 phone up. (WinXP)
    • Sync it with a contact list that my e-mail client can access. (Not happening now.)
  • Download, process and archive e-mail. (Linux Mint)
  • Maintain a music and podcast library synced with my iPod nano. (WinXP)
  • Print to and accept scans and faxes from a Brother MFC-465CN printer (ideally across a wireless network). (WinXP)


  • Play games. (WinXP)
  • Be portable.

I’m after an “at my fingertips” computing experience, where everything I want to do is a handful of clicks and a smattering of seconds away at any given moment. To me, this tends to rule Linux out; I might be willing to do some initial configuration at the start but I’m not interested in being a power user, fiddling with dual-boots or emulation or any such, which if I want to hang onto my game library would seem to rule out a Mac.

Someone pointed out the Alienware m11x gaming laptop yesterday; at under $1,500 for a pretty beefy base configuration and with a funky design and support by Dell, it’s looking extremely tempting.

What do you folks think?

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