Daily Glad: The Library

I knew I should have taken a photo of the Cairns Library sometime during the week; it’s a glad just waiting to be written. Still, I can go grab one during the week and update this post later.

The point is, I’m glad to have a quiet indoors place that’s within walking distance of work where I can sit and brainstorm. I’ve spent most of my days there this week, nutting ideas out for the podcast and this web log. And if I’m having a brain fart, inspiration is waiting on the shelves!

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Daily Glad: GIMP

I’m glad of the shareware  / open source revolution, and particularly its resulting putting of quality software tools in the hands of anyone with a PC. I’ve been using GIMP (short for GNU Image Manipulation Programme) for my logo-creating, comic-making and other graphical needs for a few years now and I’ve found it extremely handy and feature rich. Yesterday I used it to re-work the iTunes logo and website banner for The Paid to Play Podcast.

If you want to try it yourself, you can download GIMP for  Windows, Mac OS X and Linux for free.

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Daily Glad: Simple Exercise

I’m glad that I have a body that can move. I’ve been a bit on the sedentary side with it over the last few months and am paying for it with a post-Christmas paunch. Still, I got myself up off the couch last night and did twenty push-ups and twenty sit-ups before my shower. I felt it today (sad to day), but it still felt better than otherwise.

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Daily Glad: Mates In Town

This feels like a bit of a selfish glad, especially as, what with me needing the car for the work commute, Vickie is pretty much housebound during the week. (I’d say visits welcome, except Vickie hates welcoming guests to a house that’s not up to her standard for visits.)

But I am glad and lucky to be welcomed into at least two places in town during my lunch break and to consider the owner / operators good mates.

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Daily Glad: Codex: Tau

I’m glad that me old mate Gav back in Sydney sent me a copy of Codex: Tau for Warhammer 40,000 a few years back, when I was last preparing to run a Deathwatch campaign for him and some friends across the Internet. It’s come in handy for coming up with names of the Tau characters I’m working into the current campaign I’m working on.

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Daily Glad: From Stardust We Come

I’m glad I get to live my life in a time that has David Bowie’s music in it.

And I’m glad I to live my life in a time when I didn’t know what the answer to “What’s he doing next?” was.

Then again, maybe I still don’t. And maybe that’s something to be glad of, too.

To stardust we return…

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Daily Glad: Our Backyard

I’m glad we have a big backyard. It’s good to get out in and work on, and just to sit in when the house heats up too much. I’m glad that of all the hard work I have an allergy to, I can just do this one, with little need to plan.

I’m glad it gets me out working with Vickie, too.

This is my latest post in a daily effort to improve my overall sense of self-worth and self-belief, and to treat my allergy to hard work, by blogging about one thing I’m glad to have experienced and / or done on the day before.

Halo: The Kilo-Five Trilogy

By most accounts, Staffan Sentzke is at least slightly unhinged. A member of an independent government of a distant colony planet, he, like most of his associates, fears that Earth will start asserting its authority over its colonies now that the decades-long war against a genocidal alien alliance has ended. Staffan lost his young daughter to a disease born of genetic defect; her mother, Staffan’s wife, blamed herself for the genetic fault and took her own life shortly afterward.

The trouble is, Staffan refuses to accept not just the doctors’ diagnosis, but also that the child who died was actually his daughter. He maintains that the dead child is some sort of replacement, that his real daughter was taken from him and his wife. Staffan believes he’s not alone, that he’s uncovered a pattern of healthy children suddenly taking ill and dying across the colonies, often after a brief disappearance. Few, even within his new family, truly believe him.

The real trouble is, Staffan is one hundred percent right.

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Daily Glad: Justin Hodges, The Man Coach

I’m glad to not just know, but also be good mates with people who are finding and making their own way in life. I was lucky enough to cross paths with Justin Hodges in my job at the newspaper, and Vickie and I got to know him, his roller derby badass wife Larn and their two youngsters over the years since. He hit a personal rock bottom last year but used it as a revelatory experience; he’s set up a sideline business called The Man Coach, which is all about providing other men the kind of support he needed when things were going downhill.

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